Sticky Mats


Sticky Mats for Australian & New Zealand Professionals

Minimise your chances of contamination. Multi-layered sticky mats from ONBoard Solutions have been designed to effectively capture contamination particles before entering a controlled environment. Working in tandem with airborne contamination control measures, this product reliably removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and the wheels of trolleys and other equipment entering a cleanroom.

Our cleanroom sticky mats are composed of 30 easy to peel-off disposable sheets which have been specifically engineered to meet the requirements of controlled environments. Our range is suitable for microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and food processing & packaging industries. When contamination of your product or systems is a concern, invest in affordable, effective tacky mats from Australia’s ONBoard Solutions. Our largest supplier of cleanroom products is Puritech, a trusted name for companies around the globe across a variety of industries.

Made from low-density polyethylene, the layers of each mat are numbered to enable tracking and are held together by a water-based adhesive. Available in boxes of ten in sizes of 600 x 900mm, 600 x 1200mm and 900 x 1200 mm, our tacky mats are suitable for passages of all sizes and layouts. 

Be cleanroom ready with help from us

Protect your business with rigorous, reliable cleanroom practices enabled by high-quality materials and equipment form ONBoard Solutions. For more than 15 years we’ve been providing Australian & New Zealand businesses in a range of diverse fields with the supplies they need to succeed.

Our goal is use our technical expertise to improve our clients’ processes and practices, leading to greater efficiency and profit. For information on our range of cleanroom consumables including cold sterilants and surgical gowns, contact us today through our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also speak directly to our staff by calling our Sydney head office on +61 2 9695 1030 or our Melbourne branch on +61 3 9015 9850. Utilise our industry-leading expertise and transparent, accountable supply line and let us help you succeed.

Anti Fatigue Mat


The most comfortable and economic solution to relieve stress on lower back, legs and feet caused by standing for long hours. Antifatigue mats are designed and manufactured to reduce pressures and strains caused by standing or sitting in one position over time.

By reducing fatigue our antifatigue mats help maintain comfort levels, thus increasing productivity. They also help prevent slips and falls by resisting oils, solvents and water.

Our antifatigue mats are made from premium Nitrile rubber and will protect your workers from injury and discomfort.

Available size: 600 x 900mm, colour: black

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