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Vileda Contamination Control – For Cleaner Cleanrooms

Trust the professionals and succeed. Vileda Professional is the leading global solution provider for innovative quality cleaning systems. The company has been a leading player in the cleaning industry for over 50 years and is working with many clients in the Controlled Environment market.

All products and systems meet business standards and practices such as ISO 14644-5, IEST RP CC018 and life science GMPs.

Control your business better

Vileda generates value for their customers through maximum contamination control, including removal of particles, liquids, bacteria/viruses and electrostatics; reduced total cost-in-use, especially personnel cost, chemical/water costs and product lifetime cost; reduced work-related injuries and costs through best ergonomics and higher sustainability.

As Vileda’s partner in the Australian controlled environment market ONBoard Solutions introduces the following products:

  • MicroControl Mop
  • Controlled Environment Trolleys (pre-prepared and bucket trolleys)
  • CleanTech Duo Microfibre Laminated Mop
  • Swep Duo Plus Frame
  • Ergonomic Aluminium Extendable Handle

Clean the Clean Room – convenient and flexible! Contamination control is easy with Vileda.

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For more than 15 years ONBoard Solutions has been a responsible and successful supplier of equipment and consumables for cleanroom users and Australia’s manufacturing industries. From university pharmaceutical labs to automotive manufacturers, we can help. We provide our clients with the very best cleanroom consumables and disinfection technology so they can create more and better products faster and cheaper.

Browse our website to learn more about our products, our partners and our company. Any questions can be addressed to us through our contact page, or you can speak to our team directly by calling our Melbourne office on +61 3 9015 9850 or our Sydney head office on +61 2 9695 1030. Work smarter, not more, with help from ONBoard Solutions and our extensive range of affordable, high-quality products.

MicroControl Mop


MicroControl is the high-end reusable microfiber mop ensuring continuous cleaning performance of floors, walls and ceilings, down to a micron level.

The 100% microfiber mop ensures that contaminations are not only removed from the cleaned surface (up to 20 m2) but also captured, ensuring very high cleaning performance with little effort.


The MicroControl is:

  • designed for clean room class 100 / ISO 5
  • suitable for sterilisation (autoclave or radiation)
  • has high chemical resistance
  • durable up to 200 washing cycles or 50 decontamination cycle (incl. sterilisation)


Controlled Environment Trolleys


The Vileda Professional Controlled Environment trolley range has been specifically designed and developed for use in controlled environments, to make daily cleaning life easier. You can choose between the pre-prepared trolley and the bucket trolley, and both are fully autoclavable.

Both trolleys offer ample space for all utensils needed for effective cleaning – buckets, boxes, sieves and bin bags for maximum contamination control.


When to choose the pre-prepared method:

Pre-prepared cleaning is the modern, one-step method to achieve a controlled cleaning process with effective use of chemicals or disinfectants. It means using just one single system for cleaning floor, walls and ceilings. By changing to new and clean mop heads for every room or area, cross-contamination is effectively avoided.

The pre-prepared method – fast, effective, sustainable.


When to choose the bucket method:

The double bucket system separates clean chemicals or disinfectants from dirty solutions. Dirt removed from a cleaned surface is collected in one bucket, whilst the second bucket contains clean water and detergent. This ensures that clean and uncontaminated liquid is continually applied the the surface.

The mop head is always rinsed and wrung out before it is dipped into the detergent bucket – meaning fewer changes of the detergent/disinfectant solution are required.

The Vileda buckets (available in 6ltr and 25ltr) are designed for easy adaptation to your personal colour coded requirements which contributes to contamination control.

Choose between two effective bucket methods:

  • Roller mopping – built-in wringer in the handle
  • Flat mopping – moist/wet mopping system of flat mops using horizontal press or sieve


The bucket method – flexible, easy-to-use, low investment.

CleanTech Duo Microfibre Laminated Mop


VILEDA’s innovative Clean Room Duo Microfiber mopping system 

Two sides half the effort! The less time you spend on clean room cleaning, the less you interfere with keeping the core business running. The unique Duo mop concept is the perfect answer to meet the high demands for effective cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings in your clean room and other controlled environments. It is faster, easier and twice as efficient as traditional methods. The Duo mops allow you to achieve your contact time requirements for common disinfectants, and still reach an excellent cleaning performance with up to 99.9% bacteria removal. Quite simply, the Duo mops form the most efficient and reliable cleaning concept in the market for contamination control.


  • Microfiber laminated cleanroom foam for cleaning/disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings
  • Adhesive-free lamination techniques are used to prevent additional contamination to your products
  • Designed for use in cleanrooms up to class ISO 5/GMP A & B/FED209D Class 100
  • Excellent microfiber cleaning results have been independently proven
  • Suitable for bucket and pre-prepared method


Now also available sterile!

VILEDA CleanTech Duo Microfiber Laminated Mop_1

Swep Duo Plus Frame


The unique Duo mop concept is the perfect answer to meet the high demands for effective cleaning and disinfection of cleanroom and controlled environments. It is faster, easier and twice as efficient as traditional methods. The Duo mops allow you to achieve your contact time requirements for common disinfectants, and still reach an excellent cleaning performance with up to 99.9% bacteria removal.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Attaches to Vileda Professional Aluminum Extendable handle
  • After using one mop side, simply flip the frame over and continue cleaning with a clean mop
  • Lightweight and autoclavable frame with removal lever designed to allow hands free removal of used mop heads


Swep Duo Plus Frame_2

VILEDA Ergonomic Aluminium Extendable Handle


This lightweight, strong extendable handle is perfect for all clean rooms and controlled environments. It has four color coding clips to prevent cross contamination and is fully autoclavable. Extremely easy to use and extends with a simple twist of the wrist. For use with all Vileda Professional frames.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic and extremely durable extendable handle for controlled environments
  • Extends to 71″ with a twist of the wrist
  • Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO processes
  • Ergonomic center and anti-slip grips
  • Color coding clips (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Fits all Vileda Professional frames and other commonly used frames

Ergonomic Aluminium Extendable Handle


Roll-O-Matic® Clean Room Mop


With our Roll-O-Matic® roller mop system you can achieve effective cleaning and disinfection of clean and controlled environments quickly and effectively and also reach superior contamination control results.

The Roll-O-Matic® is the ideal tool for cleaning or disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings in hygiene sensitive areas. It has a self-wringing mechanism and is best used with the “pull & lift” technique required for cleaning and disinfecting. It’s simple to use and eliminates bulky and expensive presses or wringers.


There are three different Roll-O-Matic® refills designed to absorb, disinfect or clean :

1. Foam refill – the ideal choice for general purpose cleaning to “Absorb” spills, liquids and cleaning of contaminants;

2. microfibre laminated refill – the premium selection for “Cleaning” with the right balance between absorption and cleaning of contaminants;

3. Polyester laminated refill – the optimum solution for “Disinfection”. Optimum fluid release leaves a layer of disinfectant solution, to meet high contact time requirements.


You have the options to use the system with:

1. Vileda Professional CE Bucket Trolley with single or double bucket options, which separates clean chemicals or disinfectants from dirty solutions

2. Separate single bucket only.



  • Straight head design allows user to flip over mop head for extended use between wrings
  • Color coding tabs (blue, red, green, yellow) allowing coding of equipment for specific applications
  • Ergonomic grip reduces worker fatigue
  • Ideal for the “Pull and Lift” technique used in cleaning and disinfecting
  • Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO
  • Non-Rusting
  • Extend handle with a turn of wrist from 58.5″ to 76.25″


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