Vileda Professional

Roll-O-Matic® Clean Room Mop


With our Roll-O-Matic® roller mop system you can achieve effective cleaning and disinfection of clean and controlled environments quickly and effectively and also reach superior contamination control results.

The Roll-O-Matic® is the ideal tool for cleaning or disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings in hygiene sensitive areas. It has a self-wringing mechanism and is best used with the “pull & lift” technique required for cleaning and disinfecting. It’s simple to use and eliminates bulky and expensive presses or wringers.


There are three different Roll-O-Matic® refills designed to absorb, disinfect or clean :

1. Foam refill – the ideal choice for general purpose cleaning to “Absorb” spills, liquids and cleaning of contaminants;

2. microfibre laminated refill – the premium selection for “Cleaning” with the right balance between absorption and cleaning of contaminants;

3. Polyester laminated refill – the optimum solution for “Disinfection”. Optimum fluid release leaves a layer of disinfectant solution, to meet high contact time requirements.


You have the options to use the system with:

1. Vileda Professional CE Bucket Trolley with single or double bucket options, which separates clean chemicals or disinfectants from dirty solutions

2. Separate single bucket only.



  • Straight head design allows user to flip over mop head for extended use between wrings
  • Color coding tabs (blue, red, green, yellow) allowing coding of equipment for specific applications
  • Ergonomic grip reduces worker fatigue
  • Ideal for the “Pull and Lift” technique used in cleaning and disinfecting
  • Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO
  • Non-Rusting
  • Extend handle with a turn of wrist from 58.5″ to 76.25″


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