Laminar Flow Cabinets


Our partner ESCO is the leading supplier for biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, fume hoods, modular clean rooms, pass through hatches, air showers etc for demanding applications in the micro-electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, spraypainting, lab research and food markets.




Laminar Flow Cabinet


ESCO Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench offers proven protection for your samples and processes – a sensible balance of quality, performance features and cost-effectiveness. It features many key innovations: mini-pleat separatorless ULPA filter technology, external rotor motors, superior filter mechanical construction.


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Ascent® Max Ductless Fume Hood

The Standard Ascent Max Ductless Fume Cabinet offers a sensible balance of quality, performance features and cost-effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • Certified to AFNOR NF X 15-203, BS7258, BS7989, ASHRAE110, EN14175-3
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Large working area
  • Generous carbon filter weight
  • Robust steel carcass construction
  • Isocide powder coating
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • State of the art Sentinel airflow monitor and alarm system
  • Grade 304 stainless steel work surface that will never rust, chip, or generate particles.
  • Lip at the front edge of the work surface ensures that any spillage is contained within the workzone.
  • A fully configurable Sentinel™ microprocessor control with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions.
  • Built-in 5000k warm white fluorescent lighting.
  • Front service panel opens up easily for immediate access for all maintenance functions.
  • Small Filter ID window to easily identify the type of filter being used.
  • Powder-coated, panel-mounted single electrical outlet provision.
  • Isocide™ antimicrobial coated structure eliminates 99.9% of bacterial presence on external surfaces within 24 hours.
  • All cabinet service and filter replacement can be carried out from the front, allowing the cabinet to be placed against walls in the laboratory to save space.
  • Electronic module behind the hinged front panel for easy access during troubleshooting and certification.
  • Retrofit Kit™ service fixture for air/water/vacuum/gas outlets.
  • Retrofit Kit™ Polypropylene drip-cup sink and epoxy powder-coated swan neck faucet.
  • Exhaust collar for added operator safety.
  • VOC sensor to monitor the chemical concentration within the cabinet workzone.
  • Base cabinet and support stand accesories.
  • Over 7 different Nanocarb™ carbon filter types, choose from: volatile organic compound, acid, mercury, sulphur, halogen, aldehyde or ammonia.


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