Medical Devices

If you have a medical device design project and are looking for manufacturing solutions we can offer various products from equipment to consumbales that can be used to make your product.

Our suppliers that can offer solutions…

  • Sonotek Precision Spray Coating Systems
  • FK Delvotek Wire Bonding Systems
  • Epoxy Technology Epoxies
  • SCS Paralyene Conating Systems
  • iCure Focused IR Cure Systems
  • Uvitron UV Curing Systems
  • InfoTech Automation XYZ Assembly Platforms
Sono-tek BCT Coating System

Ideal for R&D , low-volume production, the ExactaCoat system is configured with Sono-Tek precision ultrasonic atomizing nozzles for coating the side walls of blood collection tubes or syringe barrels with Heparin, Silicone, lubricants, hydrophylic/hydrophobic coatings, Teflon, barrier films,
protein solutions or clotting agents.

System allows R&D projects to get machine repeatable coatings prior to approvals without having to send samples away for coating.

The ExactaCoat BCT System includes many integrated features:
• Compact benchtop design that favors portability
• 400 mm x 400 mm x 100 mm range of motion
• Windows®-based programming software with image import.
• Remote trackball teach pendant
• Coordinated motion in all three axes simultaneously
• Automated gas drying hypotube
Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles feature:
• Up to 80% reduction in material consumption
• Reduced wasteful overspray
• Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results
• Uniform drop sizes resulting in highly uniform coatings
• Precisely defined, repeatable, micron thick coatings
• Capable of very low flow rates


Sonotek MediCoat System, Ballon Mounted Catheter Coating

For coating drug eluting balloon catheters with anti-restenosis solutions containing Paclitaxel or other bioabsorbable polymers.

•     Highly uniform thin film coatings
•     Dramatic material savings compared to dip coating
•     Reliable, repeatable, controllable coatings
•     Durable coatings with no cracking or peeling

Operating Principle:
Balloons are inflated prior to coating. The catheter is laid into Sono-Tek’s user friendly holding cassette and  clamped in place.  The cassette is  then inserted into the system.  Programmable rotation and lateral nozzl  motion applies a uniform,  controllable thin film coating.

Sono-tek Medicoat DCB Glove Box System

The MediCoat DCB Balloon Coating System  is a fully enclosed, sealed glovebox unit designed to coat common types of implantable balloons using Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles combined with our AccuMist or MicroMistprecision spray shaping systems. The spraypattern diameter and drop size are variable, depending upon the nozzle and air shapingsystem used. A proprietary holding devicesecures both ends of the wire while  rotationalmotors spin the wire for 360 coverage of th entire balloon surface. The ultrasonic nozzle traverses across the balloon as required to coat desired lengths The system includes controls for air flow rate, air pressure as well as continuous digitalmetering of humidity and temperature.

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