Spin Coaters

We offer of labscale spin coaters for R&D and small volume production needs, please see below.

SCS G3 Series Spin Coaters


The SCS G3 family of precision spincoat systems from Specialty Coating Systems accurately applies liquid coating materials such as photoresists, polyimides, metalloorganics, dopants and silica films on planar substrates. The G3 Spincoat series sets new standards in operating precision and programming flexibility, with a high level of rotation accuracy and repeatability, along with precise acceleration and deceleration control.

  • Fast, simple programming by means of microprocessor-based control, using front panel LCD display and keypad
  • Closed loop servomotor control for precise speed regulation
  • Spin profiles adjustable in 1.0 rpm increments, 0.1 second timing increments, and 1.0 second increments for dwell time, with precise repeatability from cycle-to-cycle
  • Chemically-resistant Teflon-coated bowl.
  • Customer evaluations yielded thickness uniformity in the range of +/- 3.0%.
  • Interlocking hinged cover is standard on all models.
  • Compact housing on all sizes for convenience when using fume hoods.
  • Chuck Rotation Speed: 0-9,999 RPM in 1 RPM increments
  • Acceleration/Deceleration: 0.1 to 25.5 seconds, 0.1 second increments (with inertial limitations)
  • Dwell time: 0-999 seconds in 1 second increments
  • Dispense time: 1 to 25.5 seconds in 0.1 second increments

Non-Programable systems offer single program execution of settings. Capacity to store one single-step profile on non-programmable model

  • Programmable versions offer 30 programs, with up to 20 steps each, on programmable models (unlimited with optional software)
    • Encoder allows vacuum chuck to be stopped at a home position on programmable models.
    • Includes an integral drain on programmable units.
    • Features a safety glass window on programmable models
    • Optional integrated dispense arm available on programmable models
    • Optional exhaust adapter available on programmable models
    • Optional controls of solenoids for separate SCS dispensing unit available on programmable models
    • Optional PC interface software for programming, profile storage, PID, diagnostics, vacuum on/off, slow speed centering, and programmable home position.

For more information please contact us.


SCS 6800 Series Pin Coaters

The SCS 6800 family of precision spincoat systems from Specialty Coating Systems accurately applies liquid coating materials such as photoresists, polyimides, metalloorganics, dopants and silica films on planar substrates.

Additional Features and Specifications include:

  • User friendly overlay with 4×20 character display for easy operation.
  • Proprietary circuitry provides precise control of spin speed and acceleration/deceleration rates.
  • Clear cover with safety sensor that prevents operation unless cover is in place.
  • Chuck vacuum interlock prevents start without adequate vacuum to hold product securely while spinning.
  • Inline vacuum hose strainer collects materials that enter the vacuum line, prevent vacuum line blockage.
  • Automatic N2 or air purge with interlock prevents operation without successful purge.
  • DC servomotor with sealed bearings and encoder.
  • Closed loop electronic speed and position control with encoder feedback.
  • Smaller package size for 8″ bowl unit.
    Expanded bowl size availability to 12″.
  • Black anodized aluminum bowl.
  • Sealed stainless steel interior liner.

Features of Programmable Units Only:

  • Three customer specified spin cycle settings, as well as control of optional
    dispensing system.
  • External connection for dispenser control and foot pedal actuation.
  • Programming connector for external programming.

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