Wafer Bumping & Dicing

ATV Technologies

Offers R&D and low volume systems for wafer slicing  and processing, suiting University and start-up companies requiring precise die separation tools.

Advanced Dicing Technologies

Offers a wide range of comprehensive Dicing Solutions
and peripheral equipment for

•  Ceramic Substrates                                           •  MEMS
•  Thick Film Devices                                             •  LED & LED on PCB Packages
•  Glass                                                               •  Glass on Silicon
•  Opto Electronics Components
•  IC Wafer and others

MiniTouch MTW-1 Wafer Bumping System


The MiniTouch Wafer Printer (MTW-1) is engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. A self-diagnostic program for instant trouble shooting is built in to ensure maximum productivity.

Patented and proven vibration squeegee technology (certified by Flip Chip Technology)

Simplified control panel with Windows™ Professional

Fast, easy set-up and alignment

Rugged industrial control components for high reliability

ATV Manual Die Scribers RV125-RV127

RV-125 – Diamond scriber for ceramic, glass or silicon substrates, scribe length 125 mm, max. width 95 mm, accuracy ± 0,05 mm, table width 220 mm.

RV-126 – like RV-125, but with 200 mm scribe-length.

RV-127 – like RV-125, but with 400 mm scribe-length

RV-127-M – like RV-125, but with 500 mm scribe-length

Max width 161 mm on all systems.

ATV RV-129 System

Precision diamond scriber for manual scribing with 8″-Ø, vacuum, chuck, fine adjustable in X-and Ø- digital gauge for X resolution 10µm, cross hair microscope lined up with the scribe trace to use it as a reference for further scribes. max. scribe length 220 mm, max. X travel 190 mm.

This reliable Diamond Scriber performs fast, easy and precise scribing and cutting of silicon wafers, as well as thin and thick film ceramic and glass substraits. It forms the grooves necessary for effective glass or ceramic cutting: shallow, even and continuous. All essential operating parameters – the angle of the scribing tool, th escribing force, the touchdown point and the lift up point of the tool are precisely adjustable to ensure optimal felxibility and repeatable results.

7100 Series 2″ and 4″ Spindle System

The 7100 family of 2″ and 4″ spindle dicing systems deliver a high level of affordability and flexibility.

With different models to choose from, each optimized for a specific range of applications, the 7100 Series covers the widest range of applications, offering the lowest possible cost of ownership while providing the most advanced dicing technology available.

Key Advantages:

  • A full range of automatic vision capabilities
  • Advanced hardware platform for high reliability and low maintenance
  • Heavy Duty, cast-iron base structure for superior precision and accuracy
  • Increased yield, throughput and process control
  • Unique multi-panel processing cababilities
  • Special blade wear forecast algorithm
  • User-friendly, Windows XP based Software platform
  • 7200 Series Fully Automated Dicing System

    With new architecture and advanced process control tools, the 7200 models deliver substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation. The system offers a wide range of advanced automation and process monitoring options to meet the requirements of your most challenging dicing applications

    Dicing Blades

    Choosing the right blade to suit your application is crucial to the success of your dicing process. ADT’s blade selection is comprised of three product families distinguished by bonding material: resin-bond blades, nickel-bond blades and metal-bond (sintered) blades.

    Please refer to our pdf for further tech tips.

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