Precision Cleaning

Aqueous Cleaner


ATT offers a new precision cleaner targeting micro electronics, medical parts and precision mechanical parts, called the Cyclone.

The equipment is built from high-density polyproplene plastic which meets FDA requirements allowing for a sterile cleaning chamber during operation. Additionally the system features 1, 5, or 10 micron particle filtration (user definable) in order to filter out debris from wash chamber preventing redistribution. System control is based around industrial PLC along with a 6″ touch screen interface.

Low Cost of Ownership
Automatic Process Control
Heated Re-Circulated Wash
Open Loop DI Water Rinsing
Programmable Compress Air Drying
Small Footprint
Custom Tailored Manifold and Component Holder
Touch Screen Interface
Easily Configurable Process Control
1-Micron Particle Filtration

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