Condensation Soldering

Condenso XC Batch Vapor Phase with Vacuum

The Condenso XC Batch Vapor Phase Soldering Solution is latest system in the Rehm Thermal Condenso range of innovative industry leading vapor phase reflow systems.

These systems target medical, power supplies, military, avionic and hi-reliability industrial electronics.

The Condenso XC Features:

  • 500mm x 500mm PCB Load Area
  • PC User Interface.
  • Industry proven best in class galden filtration system, lowers galden
    replacement and system maintenance
  • Vacuum Soldering Standard
    Fully controlled void-free vacuum soldering both pre and during soldering.
  • Top quality soldering results, best in industry
  • Uses Rehm patented galden injection on demand technology.
  • Lowest galden usage  in industry lowers cost of ownership.
  • Pin point temperature accuracy over entire profile.
  • Full truely repeatable ramp rate control on profile.
  • Improved repeatability of thermal transfer control over traditional vapor phase systems
  • No PCB movement during entire soldering process
  • No multi step pre-heat necessary stages required
  • Can be used as a cure batch oven when not soldering – adhesives , coatings etc.

” If you want truely the best Vapor Phase System available then look no further than Rehms Condenso Range “

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