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Mentor Graphics-Siemens is the worlds leading Electronics Industry Software supplier
has solutions to cover all the needs of the Electronics Manufacturer to maximise operation from NPI to Shipping your products.

In Australia/NZ  high-mix low volume production environment is the norm, which it even more  crucial that systematic approaches  to  managing the factory floor to squeeze out every cost from the assembly process. This is true be it a CEM handling many customers and types of products or OEMs producing their own products and looking to go lean in all aspects of their production.

The electronics industry is a data driven business and doing things manually , or relying on un-synchronised software solutions is simply not the way forward.

If you are interested in ….

• Wanting to be competitive than your competition
• Provide better higher level service to your customers
• Reducing ongoing real day to day costs
• Better stock management control
• Product Traceability
• Quality Improvement
• Improving OEE of your factory
• Lean Manufacturing
• Deliver Industry 4.0, IOM and IOT Principles

Please take a tour at our following industry leading software solutions:

Valor NPI


DFM optimization in design and manufacturing

At each successive step of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, the cost of rectifying a product design problem increases tenfold. The Valor NPI platform provides comprehensive DFM analysis that you can apply concurrently with your design flow for maximum advantage, or at entry to manufacturing.

Resolve manufacturability issues early in the process to save time and money

For PCB designers, Valor NPI provides concurrent DFM analysis during the design process, applying upwards of 700 manufacturing rules to your design to ensure minimum revision spins in manufacturing. The DFM analysis flow can be set up to automatically analyse each new version and pinpoint all potential manufacturing problems directly in the CAD system. For manufacturing NPI and process engineers, Valor NPI provides comprehensive analysis of how new products match the fabrication, assembly and test processes, including BOM and AVL analysis, for rapid feedback to the design customer.

Coupled with Valor VPL Library this tool provides the ‘best in industry’ automated DFM coverage for your NPI DFM Services.

ROI for Valor NPI include….

  • Lower DFM review costs, actual DFM coverage vs labor costs.
  • Covers more DFM related detail than can be done manually.
  • Provide systematic-repeatible DFM Analysis based on supplier and internal requirements.
  • For OEM’s , it means concurrent engineering becomes part of quality systems from design inception.
  • For CEM’s , tool allows professional comprehensive value added concurrent engineering services to be offered to clients.
  • Verify AVL parts for DFM impact before purchaing parts.
  • Get right first time philospophy.
Valor MSS Process Preparation


The Valor MSS Process Preparation is the industries only  tool covers all the operations needed in processing engineering data for use in Electronics Manufacturing.

Valor MSS Process Preparation facilitates complete setup of your manufacturing line for a new product build, streamlining the flow of SMT, through-hole technology (THT) and other manufacturing processes. The software can be easily configured for the type of user and your particular workflow. Valor MSS Process Preparartion  creates engineering outputs for each product, based on a central database of engineering data, ODB++, BOM files and manufacturing process definitions. By using a common data model, Valor MSS Process Preparation ensures coordinated, error-free outputs for assembly test and inspection.

Main Features
  • Full CAD-CAM-BOM Data import and Processing tools
  • DFM Analysis covering DFF/DFA and DFT, finding issues fast before time and money spent on materials and production resources.
  • SMT Machine programming support from simple exports to full machine programs, feeder sheets and SMT Parts Management
  • Supports Juki, Mydata, Mirae MX Series, Yamaha , Fuji, Universal, Assembleon, Hitachi, Panasonic and others.
  • Virtual Sticky Tape SMT program check feature
  • Industries best vendor neutral Optimisation & Grouping Line balancer
  • SMT Auto-Generation feature , to create SMT parts for support machine models, exclusive to Valor MSS Process Preparation
  • DFT Test Engineering for analysing testability of a PCB for ICT /FPT and generates machine outputs for many of industries test systems
  • Stencil Optimisation Tool to maximise first time right stencil generation
  • Documenation Generation and Manual Assembly Planning, covering  SMT and Manual operations


Valor MSS the complete Electronics MES System


Valor® MSS  is the PCB industry’s first true end-to-end solution, extending Mentor Graphic’s offering from product design to the manufacturing shop floor. Valor MSS covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.

Valor MSS seamlessly integrates the entire PCB manufacturing process with one easy-to-manage platform. Available as an end-to-end suite, each of the following modules may also be installed separately.

Complete Factory Management System, incorporating

MSS Process Preparation

MSS Production Planning

MSS Foundation Services

MSS QA Management

MSS Materials Verification

MSS Asset Utilisation

MSS Materials Management

MSS Traceability

MSS Business Intelligence


VPL – Valor Parts Library


Consistent, Updated, Component Package Data

The Valor Parts Library (VPL) is a unique service to the PCB design and manufacturing industries. Accurate physical models of all your electronic components and connectors, in a consistent CAD/CAM-friendly format, delivered directly into your engineering applications.


  • Accurate physical models of all your electronic components and connectors delivered directly into your engineering applications.
  • “As-built” precision enables realistic documentation and accurate Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis
  • Basis for Auto-Generation of SMT machine libraries
  • Removes cost and process bottleneck of researching component data
  • Users can also create custom attributes for individual part numbers
  • Completely scalable for any size operation, from a single site to a large global enterprise
  • Optional for Valor NPI tool & Valor MSS Process Preparation tool.

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