SMT Placement Systems



ONBoard Solutions is please to bring Kulicke & Soffa , advanced SMT (ex-Assembleon) to Australia/NZ for those customers that value quality and performance in SMT production.

With the Flexline you can create the ideal high quality production line for any mix, any volume, powered by next  generation iX platform, ensuring full commonality with the existing iFlex and still focusing on what it does best;  pick and place components at the highest possible quality levels, a requirement for industries focusing on safety, liability sensitive, life critical or high service call type of products. Systems target real mid-high-ultra speed production rates with low degradation in placement process , keeping the industries lowest real world DPM, lowest waste , lowest energy usage per CPH performance.

No SMT Solution is delivered with equipment alone and K&S systems OEM-Partner with industry leading Mentor-Siemens (Valor MSS) software suite from Programming NPI through to complete factory execution solution , encompassing Verification, Tracability , Materials Management , Quality Management and Business Intelligence,  to enable full utilisation of your capital investment. With the powerful software ecosystem we can integrate K&S systems into existing factories and add value to existing SMT assets as Valor MSS is vendor neutral solution thus not creating a closed SMT Vendor controlled software ecosystem. Further to this Valor MSS can work across the factory outside SMT scope

K&S Placement systems offer a more elegant-clean approach to SMT Assembly that enables highest availability, low maintenance , best in class software ecosystem, highest real world OEE and lowest DPM.

iFlex Modular SMT Assembly System

The iFlex Modular SMT Assembly system is a compact flexible part placement solution. A iFlex Line has an exceptional output and component range, all using proven unique single-pick / single-place concept. The iFlex line software ecosystem is powered by Valor MSS and full integration.

System Modules available are :

  • T4 , Quad Gantry High Speed Module with parts capability of  0402mm-17mm x 17mm x 15mm High, Full Close loop Placement Force up to 8N,  Rated at IPC 51kCPH
  • T2,  Dual Gantry Mid Speed Module with parts capability of  0402mm-45mm x 45mm x 15mm High, Full Close loop Placement Force up to 8N, Rated at IPC 23kCPH
  • H1, Single Gantry Flexible Module with capability of  0603mm-52mm x 120mm x 35mm High , Full Close loop Placement Force up to 40N, Rated at IPC7kCPH
  • Can be configured as Single or Dual Lane, running same or completely different products.
  • Smart Electric Feeders are standard
  • Has Feeder anywhere on line capability and Feeder on fly insertion and removal.

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