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Soldering Systems from Quick Electronics

For reliable, accurate work every time, trust ONBoard Solutions. We provide soldering stations produced by the reputable Quick Electronics. The largest soldering tool manufacturer in China, Quick are the company of choice for units combining precise operation, excellent build quality and low cost of ownership.

All suitable for lead-free work and fully compliant with modern safety standards, our Quick soldering stations are available in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets and applications. Our tools are high-quality pieces of equipment that will give years of reliable service.

Our fast-heating systems represent the latest, safest way to solder. Designed to be used for lead-free soldering, these are a dependable machine that avoids many of the health and safety pitfalls of earlier, leaded models.

Machines, consumables and stations to power your business 

Rely on the expertise of ONBoard Solutions to secure your company’s safe, profitable and efficient operation. Our goal is always to use our knowledge and experience to allow you and your team to work faster and smarter. Develop new and improved productions and processes with affordable equipment from a well-known and respected Australian company.

With more than 15 years of continuous operation, we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable supplier to industries such as healthcare, automotive, defence, pharmaceutical and component fabrication. Working in these specialised industries, we’ve gained an appreciation for what our clients’ concerns and regular challenges are, and have developed or sourced solutions to efficiently and cost-effectively address them. Browse our range of selective soldering machines and solder wire and get the tools you need to work better.

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QUICK 202 / 202D Lead-Free Solder Station




  • Micro Computer Digital PID Temperature Control.
    Switching power supply for short circuit protection, overheating or overpowering protection. Power output will not vary with the change of voltage fluctuation.
  • Fast heating and rapid thermal recovery; suitable for lead free soldering.
  • Range of Temperature limits can be set according to demands. If temperature exceeds the set limit the unit sounds the alarm.
  • Temperature locking function available.
  • Auto sleeping and auto shut-off available.
  • Calibrate temperature manually.
  • ESD safe by design.
  • Various types of tips available.


Model No. QUICK202                         QUICK202D
Power Consumption 90W
Output Voltage DC48V, 400K Hz
Temperature Range 80°C – 480°C           200°C – 450°C
Auto Sleeping Time 0~99 min (adjustable)
Shut-off Time 0~99 min (adjustable)
Range of Sleeping Temp 50°C- 250°C
Max Ambient Temperature 40°C
Temp. Calibrating Method Manually                               Digitally
Dimensions 155 (L) × 78 (W) × 120(H) mm
Weight (no power cord) 1.0kg


Soldering Iron:

Power Consumption DC48V 80W
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential < 2mV
Heating Element Electromagnetic element
Handle wire 1.4m
Handle Length (no power cord) 180 mm
Weight 120g



Lead Free Solder Pot



  • Closed-loop sensor controls temperature, zero triggering without polluting the operating voltage.
  • Adopting anti-erosion and heat resistant alloy materials, long lifetime, suitable for lead free applications.
  • Small capacity design, more suitable for small and medium-sized connectors.



Model No. QUICK 100-4C Lead Free Solder Pot
Max Power Consumption 200W
Voltage 110V/220V
Temperature Range 150ºC – 500ºC
Temperature Stability ±5ºC
Solder Pot Titanium Alloy
Solder Pot Dimensions Ф36×40(H)mm
Weight 860g
Total Dimensions 91(L)x150(W)x75(H)mm



QUICK 301 120Watt Lead-Free Soldering Station


For the ones who need a bit of grunt the Quick 301 will meet your requirements when it comes down to heavy duty soldering.


  • High frequency current heating, sensor closer to the tip.
  • Sensor located on the top of tip.
  • Rapid heat recovery.
  • Large LCD screen can display two temperatures.
  • Digital temperature calibration, easy operation, password protection function.
  • Temperature limits can be set according to requirements. If temperature exceeds the limit set by the operator,the unit sounds an alarm.
  • Auto sleeping time and Shut-off time can be set.
  • ESD safe by design;Various types of  tips available.


Max Power Consumption 120W
Temperature Range 50°C – 500°C
Temperature Stability ±2C (stationary air, no load)
Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Sleeping time range 0-99 min
Shut off time range 0-99 min
Weight About 2.6KG

Solder Tips for QUICK 202/202D/301


klick image to enlarge:

replacement tips





QUICK 203H 90 Watt Lead-Free Soldering Station


The QUICK 203H is the most popular soldering station since the introduction of lead-free soldering.


  • Low cost of replacing spare parts, separate design of soldering tip, sensor and heater.
  • Sensor close to the tip, accurate temperature, rapid thermal recovery.
  • Auto sleeping function available, energy-efficient.
  • Temperature locked by password to ensure soldering efficiency.
  • Digital temperature calibration, easy operation.
  • ESD safe by design.


Model No. QUICK203H ESD
Power Consumption 90W
Output Voltage 36V AC 400K Hz
Temperature Range 50°C – 600°C
Temperature Stability +2°C (stationary air, no load)
Temperature rising time 25S (20°C-350°C)
Temperature dropping 25°C
Heating mode Intelligent
Heating theory High frequency current
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential < 2mV
Auto sleeping Yes
Temperature-lock mode Password
Weight (no power cord) 2.6kg

Replacement tips:

Replacement tips


Model No.


Dispensing Modes

16 modes available

Dispensing Time

0.01S-99.99S adjustable

Time Interval

0.1S-9.9S adjustable

Repeat Stability


Inner Voltage


Min Injection Dosage


Input Air Pressure

0.25-0.7MPa (2.5-7kg)

Output Air Pressure

0.01-0.7MPa (1-7kg)





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