Static Controls

QUICK 498 System Tester



  • Can be used anywhere to check grounding systems quickly and easily such as wrist straps, anti-static pads and grounding wire.
  • Ensures staff safety.
  • Protects products from damage caused by static charge.



Model No.

QUICK 498 System

Indicator Status Standard Impedance Sound
Low (red)



Good (green)



High (red)




110(L) x 72(W) x 40(H)mm



QUICK 440D Static Eliminator



  • Compact size, light, portable design, adjustable angle.
  • Quickly neutralizes static charges.
  • Speed of fan adjustable, can generate large range of ion stream.
  • Stable and adjustable ion balance.
  • Long lifetime magnetic leakage transformer, can protect the unit from short circuit.
  • Build-in emitter cleaner, easy cleaning.
  • Safe and low power consumption heater.
  • Stainless steel housing, more suitable for clean room and workshop applications.



Model No. QUICK 440D
Ion Balance ≤±10V
Output Voltage DC±5KV DC
Max Power Consumption 15W
Ozone Production ≤0.03ppm (140mm from centre of air outlet)
Effective Range 400x1500mm
Air Volume ≤2.4m³/min
Ambient Temperature 0-50ºC
Material of cover Plastic
Dimensions 75(W)x135(L)x190(H)mm
Weight 1.25kg


QUICK 447 Suspended Static Eliminator



  • Large range of ion stream.
  • Stable and adjustable ion balance.
  • Suspension type, save space.



Model No. QUICK 447
Power Consumption 36W
Ion Balance ≤±10V adjustable (450mm from the panel)
Output Voltage DC±5KV -±10KV
Operating Temperature 0-50ºC
Ozone Production ≤0.03ppm (150mm from centre of air outlet)
Effective Range 600x750mm
Air Volume ≤1.6m³/min
Filter Optional
Dimensions 170(W)x430(L)x60(H)mm
Weight 3.0kg


Quick 436 Ionizing Air Blower


  • Low noise.
  • Compact design, light.
  • Suitable for fine working place.
  • Portable design, easy operation.
  • Adjustable airflow direction.
  • Good and stable ion balance.
  • High ion density, neutralize static charges rapidly.
  • With ion and high-voltage indicator.
  • Build-in small high-frequency transformer, avoid the high-voltage.



Model No. QUICK 436
Ion Generating Mode High frequency
Power Consumption 6W
Ion Balance ≤50V (adjusted within ±10V before delivery)
Air Volume ≤1.6m³/min (adjustable)
Input Voltage DC 24V
Effective Range 300x600mm
Ambient Temperature 0 ºC – 40 ºC
Dimensions 50(W)x104(L)x140(H)mm
Weight About 1.5kg
Accessories Filter (3pcs)



QUICK 495 Wrist Strap Monitor



Our QUICK 495 Wrist Strap Monitor monitors ESD wrist stap and grounding situation continuously and is suitable for all applications which require good anti-static status.

The monitor ensures static charges to be eliminated from the human body by real-time monitoring, and decreases damage by static charge.



Model No. QUICK 495 Wrist Strap Monitor
Input Voltage DC 6-12V
Working Current <50mA (DC 12V)
Dimensions 46(W)x75(L)x27(H)mm
Weight 50g
Power Supply DC 6-12V (inductive transformer)



QUICK anti-static Wrist Strap

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