Humiseal Coatings

The original creator and innovator in conformal coatings,
HumiSeal® has led the way for over 50 years and today
stands out as a uniquely experienced and dynamic company.

HumiSeal is the only company in the market whose sole business is the development and supply of conformal coatings. This single-minded focus enables HumiSeal to work as a partner with customers, developing products that are tailored to exact requirements.

ONBoard Solutions is the premier Humiseal representative for Australia & New Zealand for 8 years and going strong. We  are not just a stockist based company, we as a company policy offer the best local technical expertise & advice on Humiseal Coatings that can make your coating application a success.



Acrylic conformal coatings are perhaps the most popular of all conformal coating materials due to their ease of application, removal and forgiving nature. Acrylics dry rapidly, reaching optimum physical properties in minutes, are fungus resistant and provide long pot life. Additionally, acrylics give off little or no heat during cure eliminating potential damage to heat-sensitive components. They do not shrink during cure and have good humidity resistance and exhibit low glass transition temperatures.

Acrylic resin coatings are easy to apply and can be easily removed for rework using solvents. Spot removal of the coating to repair a solder joint or replace a component can be easily accomplished by localised solvent application. Although not encouraged, Acrylic coatings can be soldered through if preferred.


VOC-Free 1H20 Range


Water-based conformal coatings by their very nature are extremely safe, low odour, low VOC products, developed to enable customers to meet the ever stricter emissions targets, not to mention the various health and safety requirements placed on industry. It enables enormous reductions in VOC emissions especially in the automotive sector. Some products from the range such as 1H20 AR3 can protect electronics assemblies at temperature extremes far beyond the capabilities of existing resin-based alternatives.

These products are based upon the standard chemistries of Acrylic, and Polyurethane, offering the closest match in protective performance to the existing solvent-based conformal coating range.



Polyurethane coatings are available as either single or two-component formulations. Both formulations provide excellent humidity resistance and far greater chemical resistance than Acrylic coatings. Single component Polyurethanes, while easy to apply, enjoy long pot life but sometimes require very lengthy cure cycles to achieve full or optimum cure. In some instances the cure cycle can be accelerated by the judicious application of heat. Two component formulations can reach optimum cure properties in as little as one to three hours with the assistance of heat. However, when compared to single component formulations, two-component formulas can have a relatively short pot life sometimes making them difficult to work with. Removal of Polyurethane coatings can be difficult due to their very high resistance to solvents. For single-components the preferred method of removal is via burn through for spot repair, while the use of specially formulated strippers enables the user to completely remove the coating from an entire PCB assembly for more wide-ranging rework concerns.

Silicone Coatings


Silicone conformal coatings are most widely used in high temperature environments due to their innate ability to withstand prolonged exposure to higher temperatures than most other conformal coating chemistries. This attribute has made them the primary choice for underhood automotive applications. They are also capable of being applied in thicker films making them useful as a vibration dampening / isolation tool if the coated assembly is to be placed in a high vibration environment. Rework of Silicone coated assemblies can sometimes be difficult due to their chemical resistance and the fact that, unlike Acrylics and Polyurethanes, they do not vaporise with the application of heat.

Humiseal UV Coatings


HumiSeal offers is now two UV curable products that are UL recognised and represents an exciting innovation in UV curable chemistry that provides performance superiority, over both traditional UV curable products and solvent-based materials.

Humiseal UV40 range  and the new silicone Humiseal 1C63 not only maintains the rapid cure speed and environment-friendly nature that is popular in today’s electronic fabrication, it also offers advantages not found in existing UV curable products.

Please see our product pages on more detail on these exciting products.

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