Parylene Coating Machines

High-Quality Parylene Coating Systems

Our parylene coating machines from SCS (Speciality Coating Systems) offer this leading technology for any manufacturer that requires coating as part of their production process.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the SCS machines provided by ONBoard Solutions offer best in class technology for depositing parylene coatings to uniformly protect against corrosion, moisture, vapours and gases. These units are perfect for products such as such as high risk electronics, medical devices and military – aviation equipment.

This process also greatly reduces friction on the surface of a coated item, especially useful for medical applications such as guiding catheters and needles. With no curing time, no stress placed on the item and the ability to conform to nearly any shape including edges, crevices and points, this method is ideal for reinforcing delicate instruments.

High-quality machines from Australia & New Zealand’s best

Since 2000 ONBoard Solutions has provided premium supplies and systems to Australia’s manufacturing and research companies. We’ve established ourselves as a knowledgeable and efficient partner to many companies working in specialised industries. Many of our customers require the highest level of precision from their equipment, and we are proud to have risen to and exceeded these expectations. From plasma treatment machines to coatings from Humiseal, we provide everything Australian manufacturers need to produce the best possible product.

Our catalogue is large and has been specially selected to offer business-owners the highest quality systems and products from companies around the world. Working with partners including Rehm Thermal Systems, we bring the very best equipment to you through a reliable and efficient supply line that ensures your product arrives in a timely fashion.

Contact our Melbourne office today on +61 3 9015 9850, or our head office in Sydney on +61 2 9695 1030. Questions can also be sent through our contact form.

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