Aculon Coatings

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Aculon is the leading provider of easy-to-apply nanotech surface-modification technologies. Modify a broad variety of surfaces and particles with a durable superhydrophobic coating, oleophobic coating, adhesion-promoting, or performance-modifying nanocoating in seconds, with little to no capital equipment.


Nanocoat 5.1 for PCB Coating Applications

NanoProof® 5.1

(Hydrophobic/oleophobic acrylate based in fluorosolvent) – Designed for conformal coating like barrier properties but can be sprayed

  • Water contact angle – 120 degrees
  • Oil contact angle – 76 degrees
  • IPX -7 – i.e. 30 minutes immersion at 1 meters – Pass
  • PCB Immersion in salt water >60 hours
  • More forgiving during application
  • Spray or dip applied
  • 6-9µm thickness
  • “Push through connectivity” capability while drying only
  • Dry time – 10 minutes at room temperature
  • No cure required
  • Handleable when dry
  • Contains UV Tracer
  • ROHS & REACH compliant
  • Non-Flammable, easier handling.

MIR Salty (Fog) Spray & Sweat Solution Testing

NanoProof® 5.0 coatings tested for MIR (moisture and insulation resistance) met and exceed the resistance requirements per IPC-CC-830B,AM1
Pass/Fail criteria: 1E8Ω, Results exceeded 1E11Ω

The samples that were exposed to salt spray in accordance with ASTM B117-111 for 168 hours exhibited minor and sporadic degrees of corrosion.

Sweat testing of NanoProof® coatings per IBM-H6-0440-105 for 24 hours @ 10V to D&F combs, resistance measured pre and post-test, coatings met resistance requirements. NanoProof® 5.0 exhibited no corrosion.

NanoClear SMT Stencil Coating

NanoClear Stencil Treatment
Aculon, an award-winning & proven supplier to the stencil industry, introduces Aculon NanoClear®, the best-in-class stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing with small apertures.

By using NanoClear, your stencil will repel flux which means:

  • Better Quality Printing
  • Reduce Underside Cleaning
  • No Capital Equipment
  • Durable Treatment
  • Apply in less than 5 Minutes
  • Treat Sensitive Apertures
  • Treats Aperture Walls
  • Cost Effective
  • Industry Proven
  • Increased Print Reliability
  • Reduced Paste Transfer
  • Reduce Flux Bleed
  • Reduce Solder Ball Transfer
  • Improve First Pass Yield

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