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ONBoard Solutions provides Australian & New Zealand manufacturers with leaded and lead-free solder paste from Inventec Performance Chemicals, the leading supplier in our market. With decades of experience in the global industry, Inventec are well-equipped to provide high-quality and high-reliability solder paste or a variety of applications. Their recent acquisition of innovative North American firm Amtech means Inventec customers can now access an enhanced and expanded range of soldering products through ONBoard Solutions.

Inventec products suit your soldering and brazing processes. Browse their range and discover how utilising their no-clean, water-soluble or RMA based flux options can be a cost-effective and reliable solution for your business.

Our range is available in mesh type 3, type 4 and type 5 on request. Packaging options include jar, cartridge and dispensing syringes. These products complement the ONBoard Solutions range of stencil printing, SMT printing and soldering tools, providing a complete turnkey solution to any business’ soldering needs. Browse our website today and discover how we can help your business work faster and better.

Offering Australia & New Zealand the best equipment

ONBoard Solutions has a strong reputation as a provider of the very best supplies and tools to Australian and NZ industries. From electronics manufacturing, defence to R&D, university laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, we continue to excel and offer our valued customers a diverse range of high-quality products.

We are proud of our reliable supply chain that ensures each company can get what it requires when and where it needs them. Shipping around the country, we take responsibility for our products and are always moving to better serve our clients.

Order online today from our catalogue and find out how you could be working more efficiently. To find out more about our company or our range, contact us through our website. You can also speak to our team directly by calling our Melbourne office on +61 3 9015 9850 or our Sydney head office on +61 2 9695 1030.

Ecorel Free 305-16 & 305-16-T4 Lead Free Solder Paste


Ecorel Free 305-16 and 305-16-T4 are No clean lead free solder pastes developed with the reliable chemistry of the Ecorel range helping to assure a robust assembly process for high volume electronics and complex boards.


Ecorel Free 305-16 / 305-16-T4 Performance

  • No halide, no halogen
  • Available with T3 and T4 particle size
  • Finer particle size available upon request
  • Larger thermal reflow process window
  • Significantly reduced mid-chip balling
  • Clear and transparent residue after multiple reflows
  • In case of cleaning, excellent residue removal


The radar charts below show the excellent printing capabilities of Ecorel Free 305-16 and 305-16-T4 which allows for high speed printing, excellent abandon time and long, steady tackiness. Its large process window allows for good soldering of medium and large boards with a wide range of component sizes.

305-16_spider chart

305-16-T4_spider chart




Specifications for 305-16



Specifications for 305-16-T4




Ecorel Free 305-21-T5 Lead Free Solder Paste

ECOREL™ FREE 305-21 T5 is a No Clean solder paste with high performance chemistry of the ECORELTM range assuring that the assembled electronics can reach their best reliability, while exposed to challenging conditions of humidity and temperature.

  • The flux residues remaining on the PCB after soldering are chemically inert. It passes the Bono corrosion test. This is a key attribute to control the risk for electro chemical migration (ECM)
  • Low solder void percentage
  • Fine particle size distribution: the type 5 powder enhances the printing quality printing through very small stencil apertures (0201 / 01005, μBGA…
  • Less under stencil wiping is needed due to reduced smearing.

305-21-T5 Spec 2

305-12-T5 Process Window

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