Pb & Pb free Wire

Wholesale Leaded and Lead-Free Solder Wire

Get the tools you need for every job. ONBoard Solutions are suppliers of a wide range of wholesale solder wire at very competitive prices. Available in both leaded and lead-free alloys and a variety of gauges and reel sizes. We supply our own ONBoard Solutions quality branded product and products from two of the best solder wire manufacturers in the industry.

We also offer desoldering wick from our leading wire manufacturers. Our range of soldering products are a cost-effective and reliable solution to the daily needs of a wide variety of businesses. Fully compliant with the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHs) you can rely on us to ensure your product is safely manufactured and able to be sold unrestricted anywhere around the world.

Suppliers of excellent products to Australian & New Zealand industry

For more than 15 years, ONBoard Solutions has been providing members of diverse and specialised industries with excellent materials and reliable tools. We provide companies in the manufacturing and fabrication sections with high quality solder paste and soldering tools, so you and your team can produce the very best product possible.

We work with the best manufacturers in the world to bring you high-quality equipment your company can rely on. Our company has made a name for itself as one of the more reliable and reputable wholesale suppliers to Australia & New Zealand‘s specialised industries.

Browse our extensive catalogue online, and find tools and consumables to save labour and to help you work more efficiently. Any questions can be directed to our team through our contact page. Our Melbourne office can be reached by phone at +61 3 9015 9850, or you can call our Sydney headquarters on +61 2 9695 1030.

Solder Wire


SAC 305 Solder Wire with 2.5% NC Flux available in

0.5mm on 500gr Reel
0.8mm on 500gr Reel
1.0mm on 500gr Reel


SN 99.3Cu0.7 Solderwire with 2.5% NC Flux available in

0.3mm on 100gr Reel
0.4mm on 200gr Reel
0.6mm on 500gr Reel
0.8mm on 500gr Reel
1.0mm on 500gr Reel

Solder Wire PB

Leaded PB 60/40 Solder Wire

Available in:

04mm 500gr Reel
0.6mm 500gr Reel
0.8mm 500gr Reel
1.0mm 500gr Reel

Desoldering Wick

Desolder Wire 2.5mm x 1.5 metre

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